A Sarcocystis neurona-like parasite was associated with acute sarcocystosis in the brain of an ibis (Carphibis spinicollis). Numerous schizonts and merozoites were found extravascularly in encephalitic lesions. These schizonts reacted positively with anti-S. neurona and anti-S. falcatula polyclonal antibodies in an immunohistochemical test. Sarcocysts of an unidentified Sarcocystis species were present in the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. Sarcocysts in skeletal muscles were microscopic, and the sarcocyst wall was up to 3 μm thick. The villar protrusions on the sarcocyst wall were up to 4.5 μm long, constricted at the base, and expanded laterally. Schizonts and sarcocysts distinct from those of S. falcatula.

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