Early localization and parasitemia of Sarcocystis neurona were studied in gamma interferon gene knockout (KO) mice fed S. neurona sporocysts. Mice were examined for S. neurona infection histologically and immunohistochemically and by bioassay in KO mice. For bioassay, blood and tissue homogenates were inoculated subcutaneously into KO mice. Parasitemia was demonstrated by bioassay in KO mice 1–8 days after feeding sporocysts (DAFS). Sporozoites were seen in histologic sections of all regions of the small intestine and in cells in Peyer's patches of a mouse killed 6 hr after feeding sporocysts. At 1 DAFS, organisms were present in all regions of the small intestine and were also seen in mesenteric lymph nodes. At 3 DAFS, organisms had begun to invade extraintestinal tissues. Sarcocystis neurona was demonstrated histologically in mouse brain as early as 4 DAFS.

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