Members of the American Society of Parasitologists, honored guests, ladies, and gentlemen: It is my pleasure to welcome you to the 2001 ASP Presidential Address and my privilege to introduce our society's president, Professor Philip Thomas LoVerde.

Phil LoVerde was born on the 5th day of October 1946 in Benton Harbor, Michigan, where he also spent his youth. From this high school photograph taken in 1962, it first appears that young Philip was a studious sort of fellow. But on closer examination, the shades, the dress shoes, and the white socks suggest that a James Dean–like rebel was lurking behind that innocent exterior. Besides courting his high school sweetheart, Marietta, whom he soon married, another of Phil's high school pursuits was football. It is rumored that he dreamed of winning the Heisman Trophy and even spent hours posing for the award.

Fortunately for the field of parasitology, Phil did not...

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