Two structurally distinct types (A, B) of microscopic sarcocysts were found in muscles of 4 of 5 feral skunks. Type A sarcocysts had sarcocyst walls of up to 6 μm thick. The villar protrusions (Vp) on the sarcocyst wall were up to 5 μm long. The Vp were constricted at the base, expanded in the middle, and had a blunt tip. Numerous microtubules were present in the Vp and in the granular layer. Bradyzoites were up to 11 μm long and up to 3.2 μm wide. Based on the distinctiveness of the Vp, a new name, Sarcocystis mephitisi is proposed for type A sarcocysts. Type B sarcocysts had a relatively thin (∼1–2 μm thick) sarcocyst wall and the Vp were slender and tapered toward the tip. These sarcocysts were structurally similar to S. neurona sarcocysts. A Toxoplasma gondii–like tissue cyst was found in a section of tongue of 1 of the 4 skunks.

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