Two new species of Pseudohapladena Yamaguti, 1952 (Digenea: Waretrematidae) are described. Pseudohapladena megaorchis n. sp. was obtained from the intestine of Mugil engeli (Bleeker) (Mugilidae), and Pseudohapladena lizae n. sp. from the intestine of Liza carinatus (Cuvier and Valenciennes) (Mugilidae). Pseudohapladena megaorchis is the most closely related in general morphology to Pseudohapladena scatophagi Yamaguti, 1952, but differs from the latter in the position of the hermaphroditic sac, and in the nature and distribution of the vitellaria. Features of P. lizae distinguishing it from other species of the genus include the shorter uterus, which contains only 1 egg, and the lesser extent of the vitellaria.

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