Antibodies to Toxoplasma gondii were determined in serum samples of 502 domestic cats from Brazil by the modified agglutination test (MAT), using formalin-fixed whole tachyzoites and mercaptoethanol. Antibodies (MAT ≥ 1:20) were found in 132 (26.3%) of 502 cats. With respect to origin, antibodies were found in 26.7% of 430 stray cats from São Paulo, 10% of 40 stray cats from Guarulhos, and 40.6% of 32 cats from a cat breeder in São Paulo. Antibody titers were: 1:20 in 10 cats, 1:25 in 40 cats, 1:50 in 73 cats, and ≥1:500 in 9 cats. Exposure rates of T. gondii in cats from São Paulo, Brazil are similar to that in domestic cats in North America.

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