Rhabdochona (Rhabdochona) acuminata is redescribed from specimens parasitizing Diplomystes mesembrinus (Siluriformes: Diplomystidae) and Percichthys trucha (Perciformes: Percichthyidae) from the Chubut River, Patagonia, Argentina. The present report is the first record of this nematode in D. mesembrinus; it also confirms P. trucha as host and Patagonia as a region of distribution for R. (R.) acuminata. Morphological features of the species were described using light and scanning electron microscopy. When compared with previous descriptions from Brazil, very similar morphology is observed. But large morphometric variability is found, mainly in body size, spicule ratio, and number and arrangement of pre- and postcloacal papillae.

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