Haematoloechus danbrooksi n. sp. from the lungs of Rana vaillanti in Veracruz state, Mexico, was found. The new species is most similar morphologically to H. medioplexus, H. parviplexus, and H. meridionalis in having a ventral sucker less than half the diameter of the oral sucker. It differs from these species by the extension of the vitellaria, which are shorter in the new species, and in the shape of the tegumental spines, which are blunt in the new species. It differs from all other known species of Haematoloechus in the distribution of the uterine loops that are arranged diagonally and that present several short, extracecal, longitudinal loops in the postacetabular region. The new species shows 1.2% sequence divergence in partial 28S sequence with respect to H. medioplexus, 1.1% with H. parviplexus, and 2.5% with H. meridionalis, sequence divergences complementing the morphological differences.

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