The original description of the type species of Allencotyla, A. mcintoshi Price, 1962, was based on 5 specimens collected from 1 amberjack Seriola lalandi in Florida. In this study, A. mcintoshi is redescribed based on new specimens collected from juvenile greater amberjacks S. dumerili captured off the Spanish Mediterranean coast and maintained in experimental culture tanks. Except for a slightly smaller size, individuals of S. dumerili were morphologically similar to the type specimens. However, reexamination of the type material and examination of the new specimens revealed the following discrepancies with respect to the original description: (1) the vaginal pore is unarmed and covered with pointed folds with a spinelike appearance; (2) the cirrus is armed, but spines are frequently lost (e.g., in the type specimens); (3) the esophagus is long with 3 or 4 pairs of diverticula and branches into cecae at the level of the genital atrium; and (4) the genital atrium is surrounded by 8 concentric crowns of spines, not 11 or 12 as reported in the original description. An emended diagnosis of Allencotyla is presented.

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