We analyzed the content of the abomasum (n = 79) and small intestine (n = 83) of Spanish ibex from Sierra Nevada Natural Park, southern Spain. Fifteen species of trichostrongylid nematodes were identified, 4 of which were found for the first time in this host, i.e., Nematodirus fillicollis, N. oiratianus, Ostertagia lyrata, and O. ostertagi. Teladorsagia circumcincta and Marshallagia marshalli were the most abundant abomasal species, whereas N. abnormalis, N. davtiani, and N. oiratianus were dominant in the small intestine. Counts of both abomasal and intestinal nematodes were generally low (year-round-median = 292 and 94 worms, respectively), and significantly lower numbers of M. marshalli, N. davtiani, and N. oiratianus were found in summer. No sex-related differences in helminth abundance were found, but young ibex harbored significantly more N. davtiani and N. oiratianus than adults. The presence of scabies was not related to increased nematode counts.

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