Phyllodistomum funduli n. sp. is described from the urinary bladder and ureters of the plains topminnow, Fundulus sciadicus, from Cedar Creek in Keith County, Nebraska (41°11.18′N, 101°21.77′W). Phyllodistomum funduli differs from most other Phyllodistomum species reported in possessing an oral sucker that is larger than the acetabulum. Currently, 7 other species of Phyllodistomum have been reported to possess this trait. A comparison of P. funduli with these 7 other species indicates that P. funduli is a distinct species, lacking notches, posterior body folds, caudal projections, or cephalic glands found in some congeners. There is no published report on parasites other than monogeneans inhabiting the plains topminnow, and there is no other report of members from the Gorgoderidae inhabiting any members of the Fundulidae.

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