We have recently developed recombinant subunit vaccine consisting of second-generation schizont (2GS) membrane protein (rR7) of Leucocytozoon caulleryi. Chickens immunized with rR7 antigen acquired clear resistance to challenge by Leucocytozoon sporozoites. We examined the induction of cellular immune responses in vaccinated chickens. Spleen adherent cells from vaccinated chickens showed significantly higher phagocytic activity against 2GS-coated latex particles than did cells from adjuvant-inoculated or untreated control birds. Anti-R7 chicken IgG significantly increased the phagocytic rate of adherent cells from these 3 groups. These results show that specific cellular immune responses are induced by recombinant R7 subunit vaccine consisting of L. caulleryi 2GS protein, which suppresses the growth of parasites in the host in association with antiparasite antibodies to 2GS antigen.

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