To determine the extent to which splenic T cells were affected by Schistosoma mansoni infection, we investigated the ability of the T cells to produce interferon (IFN)-γ, as well as their chemotactic ability 7 wk PI. In this study, we report that splenic T cells from Balb/c mice with S. mansoni infections were capable of producing levels of IFN-γ comparable with splenic T cells from naive mice. However, the T cells exhibited altered chemotactic activity, as evidenced by an inability to respond to secondary lymphoid-tissue chemokine (SLC/CCL21). Although no difference in chemokine expression was found between the spleens of infected versus control mice, chemokine production was greater in the livers of infected versus control mice. Collectively, these data indicate that Balb/c mice with 7-wk S. mansoni infection possess splenic T cells with altered chemotactic activity and that the alterations may be a consequence of the granulomatous response in the liver.

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