Ribosomal subunit protein 9 (rps9) is a nuclearly encoded protein that resides in the apicoplast organelle of Toxoplasma gondii. Two cis-acting regions within the rps9 transit domain (amino acids 38–49 and 79–86), when combined with the rps9 signal sequence, were necessary and sufficient for apicoplast targeting. To investigate proteins interacting with the rps9 leader sequence, parasites expressing rps9 leader constructs fused to a glutathione S-transferase (GST) reporter were prepared, and proteins associated with the leader constructs were purified from extracts by affinity chromatography. In addition to GST-containing peptides, proteins with apparent masses of 92, 90, 86, and 160 kDa were purified. Mass spectrometry data suggested that the 92- and 90-kDa polypeptides appear to be subtilisin-like proteins, whereas the 86-kDa polypeptide was identified as the molecular chaperone BiP of T. gondii.

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