The meeting was called to order by President Robin Overstreet at 1500 hr. The Secretary-Treasurer reported on the Society's finances and membership trends and presented a synopsis of the reports of society officers and committees, together with a summary of significant actions of Council (see previous section). The motions considered at the Council Meeting and the respective outcomes of these considerations are listed below:

Acceptance of minutes of the 88th Council Meeting, 1998 (passed).

Approval of new members added since the last meeting (passed).

To enable and encourage members to pay dues for 3 yr (passed).

To approve 3-yr initial payment for memberships for students at half price (passed).

To approve Ft. Worth as the site of the 2007 meeting (tabled).

To approve 2 Distinguished Members Emeritus and pass on to member vote (passed).

To approve transfer of all past Journal of Parasitology volumes to PDF (passed).

Gerald W. Esch...

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