Cosmocerca vrcibradici n. sp. and Oswaldocruzia vitti n. sp., intestinal parasites of Prionodactylus eigenmanni (type host) and P. oshaughnessyi, are described and illustrated. Of the 19 valid species of Cosmocerca, C. vrcibradici n. sp. represents the 12th Neotropical species and the first species to be reported from lizard hosts. Of the 76 valid species of Oswaldocruzia, O. vitti n. sp. represents the 14th Neotropical species and the eighth species to be reported from lizard hosts. In addition, 1 species of Digenea, Mesocoelium monas, and 1 species of Acanthocephala, Acanthocephalus saurius, were found.

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