The present paper describes the spermiogenesis and the ultrastructure of the spermatozoon of Fasciola gigantica, as revealed by transmission electron microscopy. Spermiogenesis in F. gigantica begins with the formation of a differentiation zone containing 2 centrioles with associated striated roots and an intercentriolar body between them. Each centriole develops a flagellum. Proximodistal fusion of these flagella with the median cytoplasmic extension gives rise to the spermatozoon. Spermiogenesis in F. gigantica is characterized by the formation of a dorsolateral cytoplasmic expansion, an external ornamentation of the cell membrane, and spinelike bodies. These 3 structures were also observed in the anterior part of the spermatozoon. Our study describes for the first time the simultaneous presence of dorsolateral cytoplasmic expansion, external ornamentation of the plasma membrane, and spinelike bodies in the spermatozoon of a trematode.

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