Parabothriocephalus psenopsis n. sp. (Eucestoda: Pseudophyllidea) is described from the gastrointestinal tract of Psenopsis anomala caught off the coast of Xiamen, China. The new species most closely resembles, but differs from, Parabothriocephalus segmentatus in its possession of muscular globular appendages on the posterior margin of the proglottids, a limited proglottid number (9–13), and the shorter strobila (7.6–13.2 mm vs. 165 mm). In addition, the uterus of P. psenopsis is strongly coiled, whereas that of P. segmentatus is S shaped; P. segmentatus has a spherical expansion in the middle of the vagina, whereas that of P. psenopsis does not. Finally, P. psenopsis differs from Parabothriocephalus gracilis, Parabothriocephalus sagitticeps, and Parabothriocephalus macruri by the posterolateral expansion of the proglottids.

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