In the present study, monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) against adult Ornithodoros moubata hemocytes were established. Afterward, artificial feeding was performed to assess the tickcidal effect of fetal bovine serum meal containing each mAb. As a result, Om21 showed the strongest tickcidal effect on adult female O. moubata. The reactivity of various tick cells and organs, including the hemocyte, midgut, trachea, ovary, fat body, and muscle, to Om21 was then examined by an indirect immunofluorescent antibody test and by immunoelectron microscopy. Om21 reacted with not only hemocytes but also with fat body cells, epidermis, cuticle of the trachea, connective tissue of the muscle, and the basement membrane of the midgut, trachea, fat body, oocyte, and epidermis. These results suggest that Om21 passing through the midgut epithelium induced a tickcidal effect on hemocytes or various organs. However, the target of Om21 could not be identified in the present study. The antihemocyte mAb produced in this study, Om21, may be useful for the immunological control of ticks.

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