This work reports the detection of specific immunoglobulins (Ig) against rFh8, a recombinant Fasciola hepatica adult worm excretion–secretion antigen, in sera from experimentally (rabbit, Wistar rat, cattle, and sheep), or naturally (human) infected hosts. In the case of laboratory experimental models the study revealed significant differences between rabbits, which recognized the recombinant antigen all along the infection, and Wistar rats, which showed high anti-rFh8 Ig levels only for a short period of the infection. Available sera from experimentally infected cattle and sheep, as well as sera from naturally F. hepatica–infected humans, also contained significant levels of Ig against rFh8, suggesting that Fh8 was produced by F. hepatica at a very early stage of infection in all hosts so far analyzed and that the rFh8 antigen could be used as a tool for the diagnosis of F. hepatica infections.

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