Parasites and Diseases of Wild Birds in Florida, by D. J. Forrester and M. G. Spalding. University Press of Florida, Gainesville, Florida. 2003. 1132 p. Cloth cover, ISBN: 0-8130-2560-5.

At first glance, a book with the above title might not seem to be of great general interest. However, Florida has a highly diverse bird fauna, the state is a major migration site, and the authors have worked with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission for decades, assessing the effect of parasites and disease on both birds and mammals. As a result, this book is one of the most comprehensive, easily used, and data-rich resources available to parasitologists. It will be especially relevant, indeed virtually a required reference volume, for those in any area of conservation biology or wildlife management, and it will be very useful to teachers and researchers who are working with natural host–parasite systems involving birds.


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