By screening a Leishmania braziliensis complementary DNA library with a pool of sera from leishmaniasis patients, the gene coding for L6 ribosomal protein was isolated. The sequence, genomic organization, and transcription of this gene are described in this article. The sequence analysis of the L. braziliensis L6 gene shows a single open reading frame, which codes for a protein of 192 amino acids (aa) with a hypothetical molecular mass of 20.9 kDa. The protein exhibits significant sequence similarity to L6 ribosomal proteins from higher eukaryotes and yeast. Thus, the L. braziliensis L6 protein contains 4 functional motifs, which are located at equivalent positions in other L6 ribosomal proteins described previously. Interestingly, the L6 ribosomal protein from L. braziliensis contains a specific region of 14 aa and a tyrosine kinase motif, which is absent in human and C. elegans L6 protein. The locus coding the L. braziliensis L6 ribosomal protein is formed by 2 gene copies arranged in tandem and located in a chromosome of approximately 0.9 Mb. The genes are actively transcribed as 2 polyadenylated transcripts of approximately 1.15 and 0.85 kb, which differ in their steady-state level and stability.

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