Teaching in Eden. Lessons from Cedar Point, by John Janovy, Jr. Taylor & Francis/Routledge, Independence, Kentucky. 187 p. Softcover, ISBN 0415946670.

When a book for possible review is received in the Editorial Office of the Journal of Parasitology, an attempt is always made to find someone who knows something about the subject matter, who might like to have the book as part of a personal library, who will be objective about both the book and the author, and who is not a close friend or colleague of the author.

After reading John Janovy, Jr.'s latest book, Herman Eure and I (G.W.E.) decided to write the review ourselves. We figured that we met at least 3 of the 4 criteria just listed. First, we both know something about the subject matter, having taught for nearly 70 yr between us. Second, I wanted to have the book for my personal library, and,...

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