President Bruce Christensen called the meeting to order at 0815 hr and made a few opening remarks. Individuals in attendance introduced themselves, beginning with Dr. Christensen.

Motion #1—Acceptance of minutes of the 93rd Council Meeting, 2003 (seconded and approved).

President Christensen recognized the following:

New Officers for 2004–2005: President Dennis J. Minchella, President Elect Timothy P. Yoshino, and Vice President Stephen Kayes.

New Council Members-at-Large for 2004–2008: Janine Caira and David Cone.

New Nominating Committee (NC) for 2004–2005: Janice Moore (Chair), Thaddeus Graczyk, Dennis Richardson, William Granath, and Virginia Leon-Regagnon (Scott Seville, alternate).

New Student Representative for 2004–2005: Michelle Steinauer.

President Christensen then expressed appreciation to:

Outgoing officers, including Immediate Past-President Robin Overstreet and Secretary–Treasurer George Cain.

Outgoing Council Members-at-Large for their services, 2001–2004: William Font and Tim Goater, and 2003–2004 Student Representative Ash Bullard.

Outgoing NC: Eric Hoberg (Chair), Richard E. Clopton, Vincent A. Conners, Cheryl Davis, and Jane...

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