The meeting was called to order at 1602 hr by President Bruce Christensen. The C. P. Read Mentor award was presented, with Mark Siddall and John Barta making the introduction of Sherwin Desser, who then presented his acceptance speech. President Christensen then recognized the new officers and Council members and expressed appreciation to outgoing Council members and Nominating Committee members. He then acknowledged financial support provided for the meetings (see President's Report in Council minutes) and cooperation of AAVP, including joint financial support efforts with their President Craig Reinemeyer. Secretary-Treasurer John Janovy, Jr. then reviewed the Society's membership and financial status (see report in Council minutes) and reported on 2004 auction proceeds ($6,292). The motions considered at Council meeting and the respective outcomes are listed below.

Motion 1: Acceptance of minutes of the 93rd Council Meeting, 2003.

Motion 2: Approval of 69 new members added since last meeting.

Motion i:...

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