Stictospora villani n. sp. is described from larvae of the Japanese beetle Popillia japonica (Coleoptera: Scarabaeidae) from southern Michigan. Stictospora villani is distinguished from known species of the genus by differences in gamont size and by structural details of the epimerite. In general, S. villani is smaller than other known species of the genus and possesses an epimerite with a margin of 20–24 sympetalous, pendulate, narrowly to very narrowly elliptoid lamina. Previously described species are characterized by epimerites with notably fewer marginal lamina. A heretofore unrecognized protistan is diagnosed from the coelomic fat bodies and tentatively placed within the Neogregarinorida. We conclude that previous workers have mistaken this neogregarine for the gametocyst and oocyst of Stictospora, which are described in this study for the first time. The generic diagnosis of Stictospora is revised to encompass the epimeritic variation of its constituent species and to correctly reflect the morphology of the oocyst.

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