To date, limited surveys have been conducted on the endemic avifauna of Madagascar with regard to hematozoa. Wild-caught birds from the Vangidae, endemic to Madagascar and the Comoros Islands, were mist-netted, and blood smears were made. Slides were examined for the presence of hematozoa at ×100, ×160, and ×1,000 using a light microscope. Parasites were measured using established techniques, and morphometrics were compared. On the basis of their distinctive morphologies and morphometrics, 4 new species of avian hematozoa are described in this study. Haemoproteus vangii n. sp. and Leucocytozoon lairdi n. sp. occur in the blue vanga (Cyanolanius madagascarinus), whereas Haemoproteus madagascariensis n. sp. and Leucocytozoon bennetti n. sp. are described from the hook-billed vanga (Vanga curvirostris). These represent the first hematozoa described from this family.

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