Dicrurids are a widespread avian family in Africa and Asia. Earlier surveys of this family in these areas have reported the presence of hematozoa and 1 species of Haemoproteus, i.e., Haemoproteus dicruri (De Mello, 1935). One species of drongo occurs in Madagascar and has not been examined previously. Blood smears collected from wild-caught crested drongos, Dicrurus forficatus, in Madagascar were examined using a compound microscope for the presence of hematozoa. A new species, Haemoproteus khani, is described in this study. This new species has circumnuclear gametocytes, in contrast to the halteridial H. dicruri. In addition, H. dicruri is reported for the first time from the crested drongo and is redescribed. This is the first report of hematozoa in drongos of Madagascar.

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