A new species of trichosomoidid nematode, Huffmanela canadensis n. sp., is described from the skin of rockfish (Sebastes spp.) from the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Vancouver Island (Clayoquot Sound region), British Columbia, Canada, on the basis of the morphology of the adult worms and their eggs in the host's tissue and the biological characters. The species is characterized mainly by the shape and structure of the fully developed eggs (absence of surface envelope, surface with transverse ridges), by their small size (48–63 × 24–27 μm), and by the site of infection (skin). Besides Huffmanela huffmani, this is the second Huffmanela species in which adult worms are known in addition to the eggs from the host's tissues (most Huffmanela spp. have been described only from their conspicuous eggs occurring in various tissues of fishes). Adults of H. canadensis differ morphologically from those of H. huffmani, mainly in the structure of the male caudal end and in the distinctly elevated anterior vulvar lip of the female.

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