Hughes-Hanks, J. M., L. G. Rickard, C. Panuska, J. R. Saucier, T. M. O'Hara, L. Dehn, and R. M. Rolland. 2005. Prevalence of Cryptosporidium spp. and Giardia spp. in Five Marine Mammal Species. Journal of Parasitology 91: 1225–1228.

In this Research Note, the printer at Allen Press switched the addresses of two authors. The present address for O'Hara and the address for Dehn should be: Institute of Arctic Biology. University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Alaska 99775. The address for Rolland should be: New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston, Massachusetts 02110.

We apologize to the authors for this error.

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