Caballerolecythus ibunami n. gen., n. sp. is described from the intestine of 2 species of rodents (Liomys irroratus [Gray, 1868] and Peromyscus difficilis [Allen, 1891]) from Piñonal, El Carmen Tequexquitla, Tlaxcala state, Mexico. These specimens represent a new genus and a new species of Dicrocoeliinae by possession of an extremely short ceca (ending at equatorial level of ovary); vitelline follicles that begin posterior to these structures, without overlapping; and a body that is long and slender (length/width ratio 1:17–21). To the best of our knowledge, this combination of characters has not been reported in other genera of this subfamily (Athesmia Looss, 1899; Unilaterilecithum Oshmarin in Skrjabin and Evranova, 1952; and Pseudathesmia Travassos, 1942).

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