In total, 17 specimens of Conger orbignianus Valenciennes, 1847 from waters off Mar del Plata, Argentina (38°08′S, 57°32′W) were examined for parasitic nematodes. A new nematode species, Cucullanus pedroi n. sp., is described (prevalence 76.5%, intensity ± SD = 3.8 ± 2.7). The new species closely resembles some species parasitizing other anguilliform fishes; however, it can be distinguished from most of its congeners by the distribution pattern of caudal papillae (particularly fourth and eight pairs) and phasmids. Those congeners with similar pattern of papillae differ from the new species by the length of the spicules and gubernaculum and by the position of the excretory pore and deirids.

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