A comparative morphological study of specimens of Ligophorus spp. from Mugil cephalus in western Mediterranean and the Black Sea localities has been carried out, indicating the presence of 2 distinct forms, i.e., Ligophorus chabaudi and Ligophorus cephali n. sp. A detailed description of the latter and an up-to-date redescription of L. chabaudi are provided. The existence of these 2 morphological species was additionally supported by principal component analysis based on 19 metric characters of 87 specimens arranged in samples defined by parasite species and geographical locality. The analysis indicated consistent differences between species but not between localities; this pattern was well supported by jackknife procedures. Linear discriminant analyses showed that the main metric differences between the 2 species were attributable to the lengths of the dorsal and ventral bars and to the uncinulus length; use of the first 2 variables was enough to allocate all specimens studied to either form. The erection of L. cephali n. sp. raises the number of sympatric Mediterranean species of Ligophorus on M. cephalus to 3. The known geographical ranges of these species are compared.

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