A new species of cestode, Yorkeria xiamenensis n. sp., is described from the spiral valve of Chiloscyllium plagiosum from coastal waters of Xiamen, China. It is the first record of Yorkeria in China. The new species is distinguished from all other species of Yorkeria by its possession of the following characters: the length of specimens, 15.8 mm; 63–95 proglottids; 71–85 testes per proglottid; large medial and lateral hooks in scolex; and eggs with 2 long polar filaments. The new species most closely resembles Y. parva Southwell, 1927 in the follicular vitellaria and similar ratio of lateral-to-medial hooks (1:2.15 vs. 1:2–2.5). However, Y. xiamenensis n. sp. has a longer strobila, more proglottids, a smaller ratio of pedicel to cephalic peduncle, larger hooks, more testes, and a different host.

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