The experiments were conducted to determine intrasporozoite Na+/K+ concentrations (by AAS) and membrane-bound Na+-K+-ATPase activity (measured by UV-VIS with a Na+-K+-ATPase Detection Kit) of Eimeria tenella sporozoites of the sensitive line (i.e., the parent line, coded as OS) and 2 resistant lines, derived from the parent line (coded as OR125 and OR200), with and without in vitro exposure to monensin. These parameters for OR125 and OR200 were significantly lower than those for OS. In vitro exposure to monensin increased intrasporozoite Na+/K+ concentrations and Na+-K+-ATPase activity, but the stimulation on OS was significantly higher than those on OR125 and OR200, indicating that monensin had less effect on resistant parasites. The results of this study suggest that altered biochemical or physiological properties, or both, in the membranes of E. tenella might be related to a reduced sensitivity to monensin.

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