Feces from western barred bandicoots, Perameles bougainville, examined during routine monitoring of captive breeding colonies and wild populations were frequently found to contain oocysts. Fecal oocysts from 1 individual housed at Kanyana Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre were allowed to sporulate in 2% potassium dichromate (K2Cr2O7) at room temperature. Sporulated oocysts are subspheroidal 18.8 × 17.9 (16.9–21.0 × 16.0–19.9) μm, with length/width (L/W) ratio of 1.05 (1.00–1.15), lack a micropyle and oocyst residuum, but they usually have a polar granule within a smooth trilaminate oocyst wall 1.0 (0.7–1.3) μm thick. Sporocysts are ovoid, 9.1 × 7.0 (8.1–10.8 × 6.1–8.6) μm, with L/W ratio of 1.32 (1.04–1.51), have a Stieda body, sporocyst residuum, and 2 comma-shaped sporozoites, each containing 2 spheroidal refractile bodies. Sporulation takes 2–5 days at room temperature. This is the first formal description of an Eimeria species parasitic in the order Peramelemorphia.

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