Professor Dr. Tamara V. Beyer, an internationally recognized authority on the biology of coccidia, died at the St. Petersburg Hospital, Russian Academy of Sciences on October 24, 2006 from metastatic breast cancer. She was born in Leningrad on June 10, 1932, the daughter of Neonila F. and Major General Vladimir Alexandrovich Beyer.

She was devoted to her father, who was a medical officer during World War II and later Chief Physician of the Leningrad District Military Hospital. During the siege of Leningrad her father evacuated the family to the Uzbek town of Samarkand, returning to Leningrad after the blockade was lifted in 1944. Following her father's death in 1979 Tamara wrote his biography in the book she titled “A Thousand Hearts Remember”.

Tamara attended St. Petersburg University. Professor E.M. Kheisin, one of the great Russian protozoologists, was first her mentor and then her colleague. When...

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