A new species, Paracapillaria argentinensis n. sp., is described from the pinguipedid fish Pinguipes brasilianus Cuvier, 1829 from waters off Mar del Plata, Argentina (38°08′S, 57°32′W) (prevalence 22.2%; mean intensity ± SD, 4.42 ± 5.19). The new species is assigned to the subgenus Paracapillaria Moravec, 1987. Of the 10 species so far known in the subgenus, the new species more closely resembles P. (P.) plectroplites, from which it is distinguished by having a spicule with an expanded anterior end and a slender medial section. A similar spicular morphology is observed in P. (P.) epinepheli; however, it shows shorter spicules and a highly reduced caudal bursa. This is the first record of Paracapillaria in the southwestern Atlantic Ocean.

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