Not very long ago, the book for the following review was received. Although the book is written in Spanish, I decided to go ahead and have it reviewed by someone who is bilingual so that we could see it published in both Spanish and English, a first for the Journal of Parasitology. I appreciate the good work of Michael Parkhouse, who graciously accepted the invitation to write the review in both languages.

Gerald W. Esch, Editor

Cisticercosis: Guía para Profesionales de la Salud, 2007. Edited by Carlos Larralde and Aline S. de Aluja. Published by FCE, Secretaria de Salud, Instituto Nacional de Salud Publica, Fundacion Mexicana para la Salud, 252 p. ISBN 968-16-8138-X.

I first became aware of the tapeworm and its incredible life style during my entry into puberty. Coincidence? Perhaps yes, but certainly under the influence of my new and confused hormone balance....

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