A new enteric nematode, Camallanus jiyuensis n. sp., is described from the intestine of the shokihaze goby, Tridentiger barbatus (Günther, 1861), collected from the beach of Jiyu Island, Amoy, southeast of China. The new species differs from its congeners mainly in the following combination of characters. The body is rather small in size, with 2 squarish, chitinized thickenings on the anterior border of the buccal capsule. The prongs of the trident are unequal. The nerve ring is near the posterior end of tridents. Cervical papillae are located in the middle of muscular esophagus. The excretory pore is located in the posterior third of muscular esophagus. Twelve pairs of pedunculate caudal papillae are present, of which 7 pairs are preanal and 5 are postanal. Spicules are similar, but subequal in length; the right and the left account for 9.8% and 8.9% of body length, respectively. The vulva does not protrude conspicuously from body surface and is located postequatorially.

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