I have known Dr. Stephen Kayes for 30 years. I met him on a mountain in Virginia in 1977. He was beginning a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Daniel Colley at Vanderbilt University, and we have remained close friends and colleagues for all of this time.

Steve did his undergraduate work at the University of Wisconsin–Madison in Zoology before joining John Oaks's lab at Tulane University, where he earned his Master's in parasitology. Steve then followed Professor Oaks to the University of Iowa where he finished his Ph.D. in Anatomy. On completing his postdoc with Dan Colley, he became an assistant professor at the University of South Alabama School of Medicine, where he remains today as Professor of Microbiology and Immunology and Professor of Structural and Cellular Biology.

Steve has taught an astounding number of different courses, from neuroanatomy to medical histology to chemotaxis and cell...

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