President Stephen G. Kayes called the meeting to order at 0805 hr, declared a quorum, and made a few opening remarks; attendees then introduced themselves. President Kayes called for a motion to accept the published minutes of the 2006 meeting.

Motion 1. Acceptance of the minutes of the 96th Council Meeting, 2006 (Gerald Esch moved acceptance; Tami Cook seconded; the motion passed unanimously.)

President Kayes then expressed appreciation for service by outgoing officers and Council members, for financial contributions to the meeting, recognizing the following for their election and service:

New Officers for 2007–2008: President, Steven A. Nadler; President-Elect, David S. Lindsay; and Vice-President, George Cain.

New Council Members-at-Large for 2007–2011: Janice Moore and Mark Eberhard.

New Nominating Committee for 2007–2008: John Hawdon, Tami Cook, Kelli Sapp, Mark Siddall, Scott Snyder, and Mike Barger (alternate).

New Student Representative for 2007–2008: Carrie A. Fyler.

Outgoing Council...

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