Of 2,122 marine fishes representing 36 species collected in the northeastern Pacific Ocean in the vicinity of Newport, Oregon from 1971 to 1973, 541 individuals (25.5%) representing 8 species (22.2%) were infected with hemoflagellates. Four morphologically distinct trypanosomes and 3 distinct trypanoplasms were found in fishes collected offshore, but no hemoflagellates were observed in fishes from Yaquina Bay estuary. Trypanosoma pacifica was found in English sole Parophrys vetulus, Pacific sanddab Citharichthys sordidus, and slender sole Lyopsetta exilis, and survived in 5 other species after intraperitoneal injection. Trypanosoma gargantua was found in big skate Raja binoculata, and the leech Orientobdella confluens was able to transmit the trypanosome in experimental conditions. Trypanosoma khani n. sp. occurred in P. vetulus, petrale sole Eopsetta jordani, and Dover sole Microstomus pacificus. Trypanosoma murmanense was found in L. exilis collected from 200 m, but not in L. exilis collected from 80 m. Trypanoplasma beckeri parasitized the cabezon Scorpaenichthys marmoratus. Trypanoplasma bobolsoni n. sp. was found in E. jordani, L. exilis, and P. vetulus, and survived in 2 other species after intraperitoneal injection. A distinct, but unnamed trypanoplasm, was found in P. vetulus.

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