In the present study, inhibitory effects of several sulfated and nonsulfated glycoconjugates were evaluated on the in vitro asexual growth of Babesia bovis. Among the selected sulfated glycoconjugates, dextran sulfate, heparin, heparan sulfate, fucoidan, and chondroitin sulfate B strongly inhibited the parasitic growth, and all but chondroitin sulfate B induced a significant accumulation of extracellular merozoites in culture. In contrast, chondroitin sulfate A, keratan sulfate, and protamine sulfate, as well as nonsulfated dextran and hyaluronic acid, did not influence the growth. These findings indicate that the asexual growth of B. bovis merozoites is inhibited by specific sulfated glycoconjugates, possibly providing us with an important insight into the molecular interaction(or interactions) during the process of the erythrocyte invasion by B. bovis merozoites.

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