Edwin Cadmen Powell, Professor of Parasitology in the Department of Genetics and Cell Biology at the Iowa State University and member of ASP since 1964, died from cancer 4 January 2008.

Edwin's career at Iowa State allowed him to focus on the host–parasite relationships of coccidian parasites, in particular, the pathology, immunology, and cell biology of Sarcocystis and porcine toxoplasmosis. These studies include the ultrastructural development of parasite–induced pathogenesis, the cell-mediated and humoral responses of the host to the presence of the parasites, the analysis of immunogenic surface polypeptides, and genetically based differences in host responses to sarcocystosis.

Ed was born 11 April 1941 in Yuba City, California. He received a B.S. in Biology at Chico State University and spent a summer studying at the University of Michigan's Biological Station, an experience that led him to confirm his interest in parasitism. He taught at Florida's Pensacola Junior College for 2...

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