During an investigation of gill monogenoidean parasites from freshwater fishes in central Panama, 5 new species of Urocleidoides (sensu stricto) were found: Urocleidoides cultellus n. sp., Urocleidoides visiofortatus n. sp., and Urocleidoides advenai n. sp. from the gymnotiform Brachyhypopomus occidentalis (Hypopomidae); Urocleidoides neotropicalis n. sp. and Urocleidoides piriatiu n. sp. from the characiforms Saccodon dariensis (Parodontidae) and Ctenolucius beani (Ctenoluciidae), respectively. Our findings represent the first known species of Urocleidoides from these fishes in Central America and demonstrate that they are morphologically linked to their South American congeners.

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