Heteromyoxyuris otomii n. sp., which inhabits the intestinal caecum of Perognathus flavus (Heteromyidae), in Zaragoza, Hidalgo, Mexico, is described. This new species differs from the 2 other congeneric species in the morphology and length of lateral alae in males. Heteromyoxyuris deserti has simple lateral alae located at both sides of the body, whereas in the new species, these structures are double at both sides; in contrast, lateral alae of Heteromyoxyuris longejector begin at the posterior half of the body, whereas they arise in the first third in the new species. Heteromyoxyuris longejector was found in 2 new host species, i.e., Perognathus amplus and Chaetodipus hispidus. This record represents the first record for the species in Mexico, increasing its geographic distribution.

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