Outwitting College Professors: A Practical Guide to Secrets of the System, John Janovy, Jr. Pearson Custom Publishing, Boston, Massachusetts. 149 p. ISBN 0536418500.

Over the years, I have enjoyed reading John Janovy's popular books. Outwitting College Professors was no different! This book was written for beginning students. It is a primer designed to serve as a guide for students through the “minefield” created by professors and administrators in our system of higher education. But it is more than that, too. As I read it, all of my “long ago” experiences in the classrooms of Colorado College emerged. For me, this means that the book rates as a good read for the new/old professor as well as the new/old student.

There are 11 chapters and an appendix (the latter entitled “How to Be a Good College Student If You Really Want To”). In the first chapter, John explains why one needs...

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