Falcaustra batrachiensis n. sp. (Ascaridida, Kathlaniidae) from the large intestine of Nyctimystes cheesmani (Anura, Hylidae) is described and illustrated. Falcaustra batrachiensis represents the fifth Australo-Papuan species assigned to the genus and is distinguished from other Australo-Papuan species by the distribution pattern of the caudal papillae (8 precloacal, 2 adcloacal, 6 postcloacal, and 1 median), length of spicules (1.4–1.6 mm) and presence of pseudosuckers (5 or 6). Nyctimystes cheesmani was found to harbor 7 additional species of Nematoda, adults of Cosmocerca novaeguineae, Maxvachonia ewersi, Meteterakis crombiei, Physalopteroides milnensis, Pseudorictularia dipsarilis, Seuratascaris numidica, larvae in cysts of Abbreviata sp., and 1 species of Acanthocephala, Acanthocephalus bufonis. Nyctimystes cheesmani represents a new host record for each of these helminth species.

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