This article presents a survey of metacercariae found in tadpoles of 6 amphibian species collected near the city of Corrientes, Corrientes Province, Argentina. Larval digenetic trematodes of the following species were found: (1) Travtrema aff. stenocotyle Cohn, 1902 (Plagiorchiidae) from Physalaemus santafecinus, Physalaemus albonotatus, Odontophrynus americanus, Elachistocleis bicolor, Scinax nasicus, and Leptodactylus latinasus; (2) Styphlodora sp. (Plagiorchiidae) from O. americanus and E. bicolor; (3) Opisthogonimus sp. (Opisthogonimidae) from O. americanus and P. santafecinus; (4) Lophosicyadiplostomum aff. nephrocystis (Lutz, 1928) (Diplostomidae) from S. nasicus; (5) Bursotrema tetracotyloides Szidat, 1960 (Diplostomidae) from P. santafecinus and S. nasicus; and (6) an unknown echinostomatid species from O. americanus and S. nasicus. Metacercariae of these species are reported for the first time in tadpoles of the 6 amphibian species examined. All species are described and illustrated, and their life cycles are briefly discussed. These larvae were found infecting different body parts of tadpoles, but no relationship was observed between the metacercariae and amphibian malformations.

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